Hudson, Quebec Opening 20 KM-Long Winter Forest Trail Network

Absolutely incredible.
Hudson, Quebec Opening 20 KM-Long Winter Forest Trail Network

We have some great news for all you outdoor enthusiasts, Quebec is about to get a brand new 20 km winter trail!

The city of Hudson is preparing to unveil the new project that will give everyone free access to a huge network of groomed, snowshoeing and cross-country paths.

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There are lots of unofficial trails in Hudson, but this is the first time that the town has officially negotiated the layout of the trail so that it could pass though privately owned lands in order to connect the entire network.

The trail will pass through le Nichoir, the Whitlock and the Falcon golf courses as well as Mount Victoria Farm.

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Construction and grooming is still underway, so no exact date has been set yet. We will update this article as soon as more information becomes available.

Hopefully, the trail will be open on time for Hudson's famous Shiver Fest taking place February 3 - 11.


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