Hundreds Of People Are Lining Up Outside Montreal's New SQDC Marijuana Stores

Quebec's new SQDC Marijuana stores are opening their doors Wednesday at 10:00 am but Montrealers were just too impatient to wait that long.

A few brave souls have been camping outside the store located on Peel Street since 4:00am. At first there were more media outlets than people, including several American outlet like NBC.

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As the hours went on, dozens more people started to join them and now the line-up is wrapping around the block. 

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At 8:40 am there were nearly 100 people outside the Peel location alone. 

Some people brought folding chairs, flags, bongs and of course marijuana. 

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Apparently a lot of people were smoking weed before the store opened which is weird because that would be like drinking a bottle of scotch while waiting for the SAQ to open. 

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One woman is taking this opportunity to warn people to repent because "weed will lead you hellfire for all eternity."

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