Hurricane Florence Forces Canada To Issue Urgent Travel Advisories

It's officially been declared a "life-threatening" disaster.
Hurricane Florence Forces Canada To Issue Urgent Travel Advisories

Hurricane Florence has been on everyone's minds the last few days, especially Canadians that live on the east coast. 

As the hurricane travels north, the Maritimes and the rest of Canada's eastern provinces become more at-risk of experiencing the danger of the hurricane first hand. 

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If you didn't already think this massive storm was something to worry about, you might want to now.

The Government of Canada has officially released a travel advisory in regards to the hurricane, and it isn't looking too good.

The warning instructs all Canadians to "AVOID ALL TRAVEL" to the U.S. East coast as well as the Caribbean and Hawaii while the hurricane rages on.

Via National Hurricane Center

On top of that, advisories have also been released for non-essential travel to Caribbean islands due to tropical storm Isaac.

It's official, the apocalypse is upon us.

Both Air Canada and Westjet have issued their own travel advisories as well, offering anyone who's already bought a ticket to change their flights free of charge if they were headed to one of the areas affected by the disastrous hurricane.

The National Hurricane Center of America has released information that confirms the storm is "life-threatening" due to the rising water moving inland.

Although this warning is only for South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia right now there is a huge chance Canada's Maritime provinces could be next.

Canadians should definitely cancel all major travel in the affected areas for the time being and pay attention to upcoming advisories for the country.

Seriously, with the hurricane reaching top wind speeds of 215 km/hr, you're going to want to stay as far away from Hurricane Florence as possible.

Stay tuned for more info.

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