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Hurricane Florence Might Be Headed For Canada

Hurricane season is upon us.
Hurricane Florence Might Be Headed For Canada

Canada has had a brutal summer.

First, a record heatwave in Southern Quebec became one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history after dozens of people died.

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Dry conditions (and human negligence) in the western part of North America have also produced historic wildfires. Smoke has covered the skies in huge swaths of British Columbia, prompting Environment Canada to issue air quality alerts.

Bursts of severe weather have also ravaged parts of Quebec and Ontario. Last week, Environment Canada even confirmed that a tornado touched ground south of the Saint Lawrence River.

Unfortunately, despite predictions of a warm autumn, it now seems Canadians will not have a meteorologically pleasant next few months, either.

Hurricane season is upon us. And while Canada is largely free of the storm damage that many American states experience this time of year, some wayward hurricanes do make their way up the Atlantic coast.

Such may be the case with the latest confirmed hurricane in the mid-Atlantic, Florence.

While the Gulf Coast braces for hurricane Gordon, many already have their eyes on the unpredictably growing Florence.

According to Accuweather, Florence has two possible paths. One will take the storm directly into the American coast. The other, as of Tuesday September 4th, will lead Florence right into the Canadian Maritimes.

Environment Canada has yet to issue any statements or alerts. Florence's most likely path is still unconfirmed.

Nevertheless, Canadians should stay informed. More updates are definitely forthcoming. Residents of the Maritimes should be prepared to take precautions. 

There's no telling just how hard Florence will hit the continent.


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