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Hurricane Michael Is Aggressively Moving Toward Canada

Emergency evacuations have already been issued in the south.
Hurricane Michael Is Aggressively Moving Toward Canada

Just last month Canadians were preparing for the arrival of the deadly Hurricane Florence to the country's east coast. Against all odds, the hurricane pretty much dissolved before hitting the Maritimes and surrounding provinces, leaving us only with some pretty bad rainstorms.

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TL;DR Category 3 Hurricane Michael is on its way north from Florida and Alabama with a forecast of 30cm of rain and storm surges of 3.7 metres. The hurricane is expected to hit the Carolinas later this week. With the storm continuing north, it will inevitably hit Canada's east coast this weekend or next week.

You'd think because of that giant scare Mother Nature would consider giving us a break, right?

I mean seriously, the weather is already confusing enough without having to worry about raging tornados and massive hurricanes.

Unfortunately, it seems as though we won't be catching a break anytime soon.

Hurricane Michael is on its way north and has a pretty good chance of hitting Canada's east coast in the very near future.

As of now, the Category 3 storm is in the Florida/Alabama area, with both states declaring an immediate state of emergency.

30 cm of rain is in the forcast for Florida and other surrounding states such as Georgia and the Carolinas, with terrifying storm surges of 3.7 metres expected along the panhandle.

Over this weekend alone there were 13 deaths reported in Central America in connection with the hurricane's flash-flooding and torrential downpours.

The life-threatening winds, waves, and rain are expected to make their way up the east coast this Wednesday and Thursday, ravaging the Carolinas, which are still trying to recover from the deadly Hurricane Florence that caused irreversible damage last month.

Next on Hurricane Michael's hit list is inevitably Canada'seast coast.

The Maritimes and Quebec will be most at risk. It's uncertain how bad the massive storm will be when it reaches the country, which is likely to be this week or early next.

All we can really do right now is watch the storm from a distance, and hope that Hurricane Michael follows Florence's lead and dissipates enough to drop only heavy rain on Canada.

Hurrican Michael is already being called the worst storm in the last century. 

Stay tuned for more information on Hurricane Michael's destructive path.


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