Hurricane Michael Is So Huge Its Eye Is Now 6 Times Bigger Than The Island Of Montreal

This week, a United Nations commission released a grim climate prediction.

According to the announcement, unless the countries of the world can agree on immediate, radical action to address climate change, there is little hope for humanity.

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TL;DR The eye of hurricane Michael measures 64.82 kilometres in diameter. The island of Montreal measures only about 47 kilometres long between its two most distant points. Scroll down for a visual representation.

Unfortunately, current weather patterns are offering a glimpse of what is to come.

Hurricane season continues to ravage much of the North American continent.

While, in previous decades, most hurricanes were limited in scope and isolated to the Caribbean and American South, now, the storms regularly reach as far as the Canadian Maritimes.

Such is the case this week. As hurricane Michael devastates the Florida panhandle, Environment Canada is already monitoring its potential impact on the country.

Canadians are bracing for the history-making hurricane. As of now, it is the most powerful storm to hit the United States in almost fifteen years.

The hurricane is sprawling. According to the American National Hurricane Center (NHC), just the eye of the storm measures thirty five nautical miles across

That's 64.82 kilometres!

For context, an eye of that size could completely envelop the island of Montreal.

In fact, covering an area of 3,300 km squared, the eye of the hurricane is about six times the size of the island of Montreal, which covers an area of about 500 km squared.

Via Google Maps

Hurricane eyes offer false evidence of a subsiding storm. In fact, the areas immediately adjacent to the eye are often the most dangerous.

Michael's intensity has promped the NHC to label it a "life-threatening situation."

Thankfully, the storm is not expected to hit the Quebec interior. Though it will make landfall in Canada later this week.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the province of Nova Scotia. The storm is still proving unpredictable, however, and could hit other provinces in Eastern Canada.

Here's what President Trump had to say about it. 

Stay tuned for more updates.