Hurricane Willa Will Likely Bring A Snowstorm To Canada Right Before Halloween

Despite the all-too-rapid approach of winter, hurricane season seems to be lingering in North America.

Already, multiple hurricanes have battered the Carribean, Mexico, and Gulf and South Atlantic coasts of the United States.

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TL;DR Hurricane Willa will bring snow to southern Ontario and Quebec between October 27th and 28th.

Some of these storms have even made their way up to Canada, bringing heavy winds and torrential downpours with them. In some cases, Environment Canada even issued flood warnings in communities in Eastern Canada.

Unfortunately, it seems Canada has not yet seen the last of such storms.

According to The Weather Network, hurricane Willa is heading for Eastern Canada.

The hurricane is currently slashing through Mexico. It will then make its way along the American Gulf Coast, across Florida, and up the Atlantic coast before finally reaching a huge swath of Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

This graphic best depicts Willa's most probable path:

Hurricane #Willa and its moisture/energy will affect three countries in the next week. Watch it on the move. #Mexico #USA #Canada #Weather

October 22, 2018

The worst part, however, is that by the time Will reaches Canada, it will become a winter-like storm.

Willa's precipitation combined with a cold front that is moving across the Great Lakes will produce snow across southern Ontario and Quebec.

The timeline for this snow storm is also unfortunate. 

Willa will arrive on Saturday October 27th. It will likely depart Canada by Monday October 28th, only three days before Halloween.

Whether the snow will clear in time for Halloween festivities remains to be seen. 

Temperatures between October 28th and 31st will hover between 0 and 5 degrees centigrade, according to Accuweather.

Brace yourselves. Remember that forecasts are subject to change.