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Husband Catches Christian School Teacher In Bed With Underage Student

Husband Catches Christian School Teacher In Bed With Underage Student

Andrea Nicole Baber, a 29-year-old Christian school teacher from Oregon, has been arrested for having sex with a 17-year old student.

The teenager told authorities that he had been in a relationship with her, since the age of 15.

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The relationship was discovered after her husband walked in on the two of them having sex. She was arrested over a week later.

It is believed that the relationship began with Baber flirting with the boy and giving him marijuana.

Her arrest was the result of the teen's father reporting her to the police.

He, in turn, had been tipped off by an anonymous e-mail asking whether he was aware that his son and the Logos Christian Academy teacher were having a sexual relationship.

The school describes itself as a "non-denominational Christian school" founded on the belief that the "Bible is the infallible word of God".

Part of its stated mission is to "encourage students to understand and support the blessing of America’s godly heritage, even though our society continues to turn further away from God’s best for us." 

Baber's employment at the school has been terminated.

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