Husband Photographs His Wife's Struggle With Breast Cancer

A visceral retelling of a couple's battle with the fatal disease.
Husband Photographs His Wife's Struggle With Breast Cancer

Five months after Angelo and Jennifer Merendino were married, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shocked, terrified, and entirely uncertain for what the future may hold, the couple had only their mutual love to brave them through the struggle. Titled 'The Battle We Didn't Choose' the blod/photo series offers a very real look into the life, and adversities, of a cancer victim.

To many, cancer is a faceless epidemic, a disease that only effects statistics. Most are unaware of the massive changes, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually that occur in the life of a cancer patient and to their loved ones. That is what is most powerful about 'The Battle We Didn't Choose.' Through Merendino's photos, you can truly follow the harrowing journey the couple experienced, as a couple's love and story is linked to an often faceless disease.

Take a look at a sample of the photo series, and be sure to support the art and check out the official site.

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