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Hydro-Quebec Bills Will Be Going Up Next Month

Yes, again.
Hydro-Quebec Bills Will Be Going Up Next Month

When Hydro-Quebec decides to raise their prices, it affects pretty much everyone. Their services are pretty darn essential to the population. 

I mean, who doesn't use electricity?

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Starting April 1st, customers are going to see their rates increase by 0.3%. For the average person, that basically means that your utility bill will most likely be increasing by about 50 cents. 

At first, Hydro-Quebec wanted to raise rates by 1.1%, but luckily the provincial energy board denied their request. Thank goodness, because that would've led to a much higher increase in our monthly bills.

They are raising the prices because of the increased costs of supplies and transportation. So 0.3% is reasonable if you really think about it.

In total, this increase will cost the public $127 million in foregone additional revenue. However, large industrial customers won't be affected by this increase.


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