Hydro Quebec Is Buying $1,000,000,000 Worth Of Electricity It Doesn't Even Need

Brace yourselves because this is one of those stories that makes absolutely no sense. The sad part is I'm not making any of this shit up.

Hydro Quebec has no energy production problems, in fact every year they have a surplus of energy and yet your bill keeps rising (by about 7,2%) every year. That's because even though Hydro-Quebec produces more than enough energy, the government forces them to purchase $945,000,000 worth of energy from private energy producers, wind farms as well as smaller hydroelectric plants.

These purchases are imposed by the Government to promote economic development. 

That's where it gets really ridiculous. Is this even legal? 

If the government wants to help develop the economy, why don't they themselves offer grants, business incentives or tax rebates to these companies. And why are they subsidizing energy companies if the supply is already higher than the demand?

I don't have an answer for you, all I know for sure is that next year your energy bill will be more expensive and now you know why.