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Hydro-Québec Is Warning Clients To Watch Out For Potential Phone Scams

Fraudulent callers are threatening to cut people's electricity.
Hydro-Québec Is Warning Clients To Watch Out For Potential Phone Scams
  • Hydro-Québec is currently warning all of its clients to be extra vigilant in regards to receiving potential calls from fraudsters impersonating its employees.
  • The fraudulent callers are threatening to interrupt your electricity service, which the company confirms they will not be doing while COVID-19 lasts.
  • See how to protect yourself against such calls below.

Unfortunately, the current situation that the world finds itself in leaves a lot of leeway for fraudsters to find ways to scam individuals. Hydro-Québec is warning all of its subscribers about telephone scams that have been occurring recently where fraudsters impersonate Hydro-Québec employees. The fraudsters' goal in this context is to get money from people who believe they are talking to someone from Hydro-Québec who's threatening to cut their electricity.

On the Hydro-Québec website, it's explained in detail how to know when you're receiving a fraudulent call.

The call is likely to start off by the person on the line introducing themselves as a Hydro-Québec employee.

"If someone calls you and asks for a credit card number to avoid interrupting your electricity service, do not give them any of the information requested," the website states.

Since Hydro-Québec does not accept credit cards as a form of payment, the company would never, under any circumstances, ask you for your credit card information.

Besides fraudulent telephone calls, Hydro-Québec also warns clients to be extra vigilant when it comes to any emails, texts, or employment offers that look like they're from the company.

Here's the tweet where Hydro-Québec warned its clients about potential fraudulent calls:

Translation: "Beware of #phone scams! Fraudsters are currently threatening to interrupt service to our customers in order to extort money from them."

"However, we are not interrupting service until further notice due to COVID-19."

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Although fake telephone calls are what Hydro-Québec is currently warning people about, other forms of fraud exist in relation to the company.

The website tells us there have been circumstances where clients have received fraudulent emails or texts that seem as though they are from Hydro-Québec.

To protect yourself against potential emails or texts like such, Hydro-Québec advises that you "do not respond to unsolicited emails or text messages asking for personal, confidential or financial information."

Fraudsters have also been sending out fake Hydro-Québec employee offers.

Note that if ever you're looking to apply to Hydro-Québec, all applications must be submitted through its website.

In the midst of the current global situation, Hydro-Québec is not the only company facing problems with fraud.

The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) is currently warning Quebecers of possible scams and asking everyone to be extra vigilant in the upcoming months, saying that these circumstances "creat[e] a perfect environment for fraudsters." 

Be safe and be vigilant, Quebec.

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