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Hydro-Quebec Might Owe You $350

Prepare for an epic payday.
Hydro-Quebec Might Owe You $350

If you've had to pay bills to Hydro Quebec within the past (almost) decade, then you might want to sit down for this one, guys. Because I have got some news for you.

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Hydro Quebec has been seriously overcharging its customers since 2008 - to the tune of about $1.4 billion, according to CJAD.

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Which equals out to roughly $350 per person.

The CAQ first brought up the suspicion that Hydro Quebec had been overcharging. Hydro Quebec recently confirmed that they have, in fact, been charging customers more money than they need to operate.

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Hydro Quebec did say that the overcharged amounts were rolled over to the government of Quebec, and did ultimately go into paying for public services. 

But the CAQ has still set up a petition online to get Hydro to pay back its customers all the money they overchaged. You can check it out (and give it a sign) right here.


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