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Hydro-Québec Suspends Employee Caught On Video Reportedly Accepting Bribe

The video was part of an explosive report by the Journal de Montréal and TVA Nouvelles.
Hydro-Québec Suspends Employee Caught On Video Reportedly Accepting Bribe

Hydro-Québec has suspended an employee without pay following allegations that he accepted bribes from a contractor. The explosive allegations were published on Monday in a report by the Journal de Montréal and TVA Nouvelles. The report includes hidden bodycam footage that appears to show the Hydro-Québec architect, Guy Huot, accepting an envelope filled with cash.

In a statement, the Crown corporation makes clear that it "finds the conduct exposed by TVA and the Journal de Montréal to be unacceptable." 

The company committed to an investigation by the Permanent Anticorruption Unit of Quebec (UPAC) and stated that it "will be working to ensure that all those who have committed embezzlement suffer the consequences."

Hydro-Québec also says it is "committed to fighting corruption" and that it applies "a zero-tolerance policy" along with "a robust and rigorous process for awarding [contracts] and purchasing goods and services."

Nevertheless, it admits it is "not immune to wrongdoing by employees or suppliers. There is always the possibility that malicious individuals may try to circumvent the rules."

The finding was part of a larger investigation in which one group of contractors, speaking exclusively with investigative reporters, admitted to paying over $30,000 in cash bribes over the past 17 years.

The whistleblower and source of the allegations against Huot, André Dansereau, spoke with journalists about his part in the corruption and bribery and was even willing to wear a camera to capture one exchange on video.

Dansereau works for AcryliCon Décor Système, a manufacturer and international installer of resin flooring, which he was hoping to install in some of Hydro-Québec's power plants. 

It was in a resto-bar that TVA and JDM reporters were able to capture the exchange of an envelope with $500 cash inside between the two men.

The video reportedly shows Huot put the envelope in his coat pocket.

Stay tuned for updates on the Hydro-Québec investigation.

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