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Hyperloop Train From Montreal To Toronto In 2020

The future looks good!
Hyperloop Train From Montreal To Toronto In 2020

A Toronto-based company called Transpod has been eyeing Montreal as a possible site to built a Hyperloop. 

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For those who don't know, a Hyperloops is basically a mode of transportation that uses pressure to move a pod through a tube, faster than a jet. Even better, the Hyperloop doesn't create any carbon emissions because it's solar powered.  

You'll be able to travel from Montreal to Toronto in less than 1 hour. 

The CEO Of Transpod said his company’s goal has been to build a Hyperloop track between Toronto and Montreal by 2020. 

"Our vision is a world in which people, cities, and businesses are connected with high-speed transportation that is affordable and environmentally sustainable."

According to their website, TransPod's first major project in Canada will be to connect metropolitan areas such as Toronto-Montreal

For more information, check out Transpod's website here

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