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I Got 8 Hours Of Sleep Every Night For A Week And Here Are My Results

Easy, breazy and energized!
I Got 8 Hours Of Sleep Every Night For A Week And Here Are My Results

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Fun fact - you should be getting 8 hours of restful sleep every night in order to function correctly the next day. Another fun fact? Sleeping is my absolute favourite activity. 

Unfortunately, getting a consecutive 8 hours of sleep every night is kind of impossible... even for me, sleep's #1 fan. My sleeping schedule tends to fluctuate and I never end up getting that precious, precious 8 hours that we should all be aiming for.

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Last week, though, I decided I would try to sleep for 8 hours each and every night. I was committed to making this happen... even if it meant not browsing Instagram and Facebook for hours before going to bed.

Thankfully, with determination and a really good mattress on my side, the experiment worked. Was getting 8 hours all it cracked up to be? Well, here's what happened...


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I had a really REALLY long Monday. I ended up working until 6 PM and had dinner around 8 PM. By the time I finished dinner, I was exhausted. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and went straight to bed without even looking at my phone. I was asleep by 10 and I didn’t get up until 7 am the next day which is exactly 9 hours of sleep.


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I had a groggy start to the day. I was still tired from the night before - but by noon, I was feeling a lot better. I was more aware and alert and I didn’t feel the need to crash which is how I usually feel around that time every day.

I wanted to make sure that I went to bed at the same time that I did on Monday so as soon as I got home, I plugged my iPhone in my kitchen and went straight to my room - I didn't want to get too distracted with my phone (which is what usually happens and it’s how I don’t end up getting enough sleep). My body was still getting used to going to bed relatively early; by 10:30 PM, I was out.


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I woke up that morning on my Polysleep mattress feeling REALLY really good. I have the habit of waking up in the middle of the night tossing and turning but this time, I slept like a baby. The ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam from my mattress kept me cool all night long, and quickly identified my body's pressure points to help reduce firmness in specific areas for the perfect mattress bounce!

I didn’t have a groggy start to the day - in fact, it was the complete opposite. I was up at 7 AM without hesitation and the fact that my phone was plugged in my kitchen meant I got up right away. I even had time to make myself a delicious breakfast.

By noon, I was still feeling energized - after work, I even still had the energy to make myself dinner. By 8 PM, I was actually quite exhausted: I read some chapters in bed from my Harry Potter book and went to bed at 9:30 PM. Yes, 9:30 PM. I think my body was finally starting to get the hang of things - even after just a couple of days of getting a solid 8 hours (at least!) of sleep.


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On Thursday, I woke up feeling really happy. Probably because it was Thursday and the weekend was right around the corner but... I also like to think it was because I got 9.5 hours of sleep on my Polysleep mattress (for a mattress that comes in a box, it’s one heck of a mattress).

Since I'd been ignoring my phone in order to get some shut eye, I actually completely forgot about it until noon - I kept myself busy with work and I was super productive, alert and energized throughout the day! I was so happy with the results of my 8+ hour sleep that that night, I left an event early just to get home and get my full 8 hours of sleep!


Via anacruz

Friday was a GREAT day. I actually woke up around 6:30 AM all on my own. That’s right, I didn’t even need my alarm clock. My body naturally just woke up after 8.5 hours of sleep!

I began my day as usual, but this time with a little more pep in my step. I was actually so productive at work that I was able to finish at 3 PM!

I went to two events that night and stayed out until 1:30 AM (I made this exception because one does not just simply go out and come home at 9 PM on F1 weekend). I know what you’re thinking… 1:30 AM? But you know what, I still got a full 8 hours of sleep, and NATURALLY woke up at 9:30 AM the next morning!

So what did I learn from this entire experience? Well, the best thing to take away from getting a full 8 hours or more of sleep per night is how much more productive I was. It was crazy to see how much work I was getting done. I started my days earlier and was able to cross multiple things off my to-do list in just one day!

I was also surprised that I didn’t have an afternoon crash. When I wasn’t getting a full 8 hours of sleep, I knew that by noon I was going to start feeling groggy and tired.

Via Polysleep

And although the number of hours that I slept last week made a difference, I owe my mood and well-being to my Polysleep mattress. It hugged my body just right and kept my temperature cool all night long. I never once woke up because I was too hot, which is usually what would had happened to me in the past. This week was the first week I’ve had in a while where I wasn’t tossing and turning all night long!

The best part? I get to try out the mattress for 100 nights before I decided whether or not I want to keep it, which I most definitely am considering... especially considering Polysleep has a unique support frame which provides more support and also keeps the mattress from flattening out. So hello, amazing price/quality ratio!

So, consensus? Get yourself a Polysleep mattress online, turn off your iPhone and get to bed at a decent hour and make sure to get 8 hours or more of sleep and you’ll feel like a completely new person! Oh, and PS? Moving day is right around the corner... so if you're looking to ditch that old lumpy mattress and get one that'll give you the best sleep you've had in ages, now's the perfect time!

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And an even better reason to go ahead and pick up your very own Polysleep mattress? They're offering $50 off upon purchase with the code MTLBLOG50, from now until July 12th. So there's no reason not to get your perfect sleep!

For more information on the Polysleep mattress, visit their website, Facebook or Instagram!

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