I Interviewed A Real Life Ghost Hunter In Montreal

After reading this, you'll think twice before turning the lights off.
I Interviewed A Real Life Ghost Hunter In Montreal

Readers who follow me know that I have a particular interest for all things unique and out of the ordinary. This week, I was lucky enough to interview one of the most fascinating people I ever got to talk to - a real paranormal investigator. Patrick from Montreal Paranormal is a ghost hunter. He's so interesting and unusual, I couldn't wait to share the results of our discussion with you.

Are ghosts/spirits real? Should people be afraid of them?

I've been in this field for about 20-22 years and from what I have seen so far and experienced, ghosts are real just like the real objects we see around us in [the physical] plane. Ghost are people without a physical body or, if you like, souls or essences without a physical body.

Their physical manifestations though are quiet rare. There are two types of manifestation, one is physical and the other is spiritual. Meaning that they can be seen in the physical world if one is lucky and they can also be seen in their own spiritual plane. Now to see one in the physical, you have to be very lucky because you have to be at the right place, at the right time and at the right angle. [If you] move a bit, just few degrees and you won't [be able to] see the ghost physically that just appeared in front of you. And that's because he is two dimensional [...] (or less than two dimensional, if that exists in our world). [...]

Now if you [manage] to see them spiritually, in their world, they look pretty much like us. And no, absolutely not, people should not be afraid of them because they are or were people just like us. If you are walking down the street [and] see people passing by you, would that scare you? No, of course, you won't be scared because the majority are harmless beside a few of course who are not. That's how people should look at ghosts. Most [ghosts] don't even know what is going on or where/who they are. Some are in pretty sad situations and they can stay like that for a long time, for many many years... since time like we know it does not exist there.

Have you ever encountered a real life ghost/spirit? If so, describe the experience.

Yes, i have encountered many. Many of my encounters are mentioned/described in details on my site www.montrealparanormal.com. It's not easy to describe an experience like that in words. It's similar to or can be described as if time stops and you are in [complete] silence the moment you see one.

When you encounter them in the physical, it takes a bit of time to grasp what you just witnessed. Whereas seeing them in their spirit plane, the experience is similar to a visual experience but you are not using any of your 5 senses to see them. You are using awakened spiritual organs of your soul that we all have, [but] that lay dormant in most of us and we know nothing about.

What are the most haunted places in Montreal?

Montreal has many haunted sites, some are very active and others not. [...] Here are a few [places]:

First:Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral is very haunted by many ghosts. I have seen one. Two other people have seen different ghosts in there as well.

Second:Saint Gabriel's Inn in Old Port is one of the most haunted sites in Montreal. It's a restaurant now and has many ghosts [from] different eras. This place was built in the 1660s or so. I have seen two ghosts there [from] different [eras] (described on my site). Others have seen a ghost of a little girl on many occasions. There's [also] one who seems to play the piano.

Third: The Westmount house (mentioned on [my] site). But this is a private property. Still, one might get lucky and see ghost activities in one of its many windows from the outside, while standing on the public street below.

Fourth:Saint James Cathedral on Ste-Catherine, has many ghosts. Witnesses reported seeing two ghosts sitting on the top floor. I have also felt the presence of a ghost sitting on the top floor, just staring at me and wondering what I'm doing there.

This is what comes to mind right now. There are other sites mentioned on my q&a page. And there are many other sites yet to be discovered.

What do popular horror/ghost movies get right about the paranormal? What do they get wrong?

They get [it] right when they tell the story as it is. [Modern cinematography likes to] twist and exaggerate things. Many ghost stories and movies are based on real ghost experiences/stories that are later twisted, pumped and exaggerated to become much more than what they really are, [to scare people].

If a ghost movie is not based on a real story and the [director] has no experiences/knowledge/understanding [of] ghosts, then the whole movie is a fantasy meant to just scare people and has no basis on reality.

How did you get into this business? Is this your main area of occupation?

You do not choose to get into this business,

Can anyone become a paranormal investigator or one has to be particularly sensitive and/or "open minded"?

Yes, anyone can become a paranormal investigator.

If there is one thing you've learned from being a paranormal investigator, what is it?

It is that we don't die, nobody does.

How do you get leads/cases?

I get leads through emails from visitors on my site

Describe the scariest experience you've had while dealing with the paranormal world?

[...] As we continued looking at the house and snapping shots from different angles, I started videotaping the house while looking at it through my camcorder’s viewfinder. The sensitives and the medium in the group started picking up strange angry vibes coming from the house. Then [they] started feeling that [the ghosts] were very pissed [while] protecting the house and that [...] they were coming down the street towards us. Street lights started flickering and dying out completely. My friend, who is a sensitive, and I were the only people left standing there, [the rest took off]. I was still taping the house all this time, while taking short peeks and looking to the left, where the street was getting very dark. My friend started yelling at me “Patrick! We need to get out of here!”

I work with my spirit guides who have a wider view on things from where they are and so, by following their guidance, you avoid all types of problems. But I have had a few experiences that can be called scary [...]. The first occured during a ghost investigation in Westmount and the second one during a meditation:

1) One of the weirdest ghost investigation that happened with my Montreal Ghost Tracking Team was when we headed to visit one of the most haunted houses in Montreal. We have been there before in the past and nothing has happened except for a few glitches with cameras acting up or [wiped out] photos sometimes.

That day, I headed to our meeting spot. This was a case open to all members of The Montreal Ghost Tracking Group. I arrived around 15 minutes before our meeting time and there were group members already there. I had met them [all] before - except one. That person, the moment I laid my eyes on him, I was frozen dead by [the vibe] I picked up from him. I happen to see people’s violent pasts sometimes [...]. I don’t do it at will, it just happens. [...]

The [house we were heading to] is closed to the public, but since it’s always lit at night, many people have witnessed apparitions in the windows, including myself. [...] Once we arrived, we started spreading apart and taking pictures of the house. This is something we usually do during our visits to this place.

[My] friend is a big guy and he started to boil in rage and took a grizzly bear stature trying to keep whatever was heading towards us away. He would move toward them then pull back after. Through all that, I was in a strange dream-like state, watching what was going on but not getting involved. [...] I have never experienced something like that there before. [...]

Then my friend started to really get agitated telling me, “We need to get out of here fast!” So I straightened up then took off with him. All those who ran away were waiting for us down below the street few hundred feet away.

Everyone was there except the person that I was picking up the horrible vibes from. He was the first to run away. He didn’t even wait for us below. He just took off never to be seen again. [...] After replaying what just happened in my head, it became clear to me that it had something to do with this guy for some reason. [...]

2) Another scary experience happened while I was meditating one time, when all of a sudden I rose (or levitated if you like) about two feet [above the ground]. When I realized what just happened, I got very scared and it brought me back down slowly [...]. This was just a meditation and I was not prepared [for it].

Do you believe in after life, heaven and hell? What is your opinion on these matters?

The ghost phenomena is a wake up call [...] - life does not end with death. There's something after the physical death. We don't just live to die and vanish at the end, there's a purpose for all this. The life that follows right after the physical death is connected to the life we lead here. [...] And it's based on how you lived your life here, whether you followed your heart, led an honest sincere life and accepted what life has given you or followed your ego (your lower self, the self that was created by the physical world).

If you followed your heart, then you'll be a light and light up your way untouched through many purification planes (i.e. "hell") and reach your destination, your real country, the realm where all souls come from, reach God if you like. It's like crossing an unfamiliar forest in pitch black darkness full of dangerous predators and all kinds of creatures that come out at night. Now if you have a "flashlight", the chances of you getting out of it unharmed are [higher] than if you didn't have a flashlight, right?

If you follow your heart in life, [you will receive that "flashlight"]. The more [honest and sincere] your life is, [...] the brighter your spiritual light [will get and] the brighter your soul will be after the physical death leading you straight, untouched to where you're supposed to go.

Another thing to add, Heaven and Hell are emotional experiences

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