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I Just Finished Netflix's "Girlboss" And You Need To Start Watching It ASAP

A story of success.
I Just Finished Netflix's "Girlboss" And You Need To Start Watching It ASAP

The series that premiered on Netflix in April, Girlboss is an actual true story about the creator of the online fashion store "Nasty Gal". It is a fictional story of  Sophia Amaruso's journey to creating this massive company. 

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The Netflix show is meant to encourage all women thinking of creating their own company, to show them how it really is possible, no matter how many people tell you that you can't along the way. 

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Sophia's fictional character in the show is portrayed as a fuck-up who gets fired from jobs, has fights with her best friend, and has to overcome being completely broke while starting an online business from scratch. 

The show takes place back in the mid 2000's, back when eBay start-up businesses were gaining popularity and success. 

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Sophia is able to overcome all of the obstacles thrown at her and succeed in creating a massive online business. The show also provides an entertaining narrative between her best friend and a boyfriend.

Girlboss adds another layer of feminism here by ending the show with Sophie dumping her cheating boyfriend and focusing on expanding her business. 

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If you haven't watched this show yet, you definitely should because even though it was cancelled after 1 season, it's still an entertaining series that shows how a woman can rise from rags to riches all on her own. 

via @girlbossnetflix

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the series after it premiered, directed to the Sophia Amaruso's past lawsuits regarding poor treatment towards employees. 

These concerns were met with the cancelling of the show after 1 season, leaving us with just a small taste of the comedic life of Sophia. 

Netflix has beencancelling tons of original series lately, and Girlboss was just one of them. 

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