I Just Tried All Of Tim Hortons New Slushys And Here's What I Really Think

I still have brain freeze...
I Just Tried All Of Tim Hortons New Slushys And Here's What I Really Think

A couple weeks ago, Tim Hortons announced that they were going to start selling Slushys. While the spelling is not quite what I remember from childhood, the drink is undeniably a summer staple.

On their initial announcement, Tims launched Blue Rasperry and Cherry slushys, the classics.

But they've just hit us with a total surprise, unreal combo slushy I didn't know I needed until they announced it.

The Jolly Rancher Slushy.

[rebelmouse-image 26891190 photo_credit="Tim Hortons" expand=1 original_size="1054x381"] Tim Hortons

Yes those are tiny bits of Jolly Rancher floating around in there, your eyes are not deceiving you.

This is why I had to rush out and get one right away to know if my dreams had truly been answered.

Then I decided... I might as well try them all!

[rebelmouse-image 26891191 photo_credit="@lvbs" expand=1 original_size="4608x3456"] @lvbs

There are only three flavours, I grabbed two of the Jolly Rancher flavour to be sure everyone in the office could have a try.

I'm definitely struggling through a sugar crash right now after finishing this thing... the brain freeze was also real.

But while enjoying it I'm sure I said, "This is so good," like six times. Easily.

[rebelmouse-image 26891192 photo_credit="@lvbs" expand=1 original_size="4088x2696"] @lvbs

It does taste just like a strawberry Jolly Rancher and the tiny bits of candy are amazing crunchy little surprises from heaven.

I also was clearly not the only person to feel this way... 

I rarely order sugary drinks like this, I'm an iced coffee kind of girl at heart. But this was exactly what I was expecting and more... and if I was craving a Jolly Rancher at the beach one day this summer, I would totally opt for this drink over the candy. 

The other two slushys aren't terribly special, to be honest. They lack the zip of 7-11 Slushies, especially the Blue Raspberry, which is one of my favourite flavours of all time. 

[rebelmouse-image 26891193 photo_credit="@lvbs" expand=1 original_size="4088x2718"] @lvbs

I just generally don't like Cherry flavoured anything, so I'm clearly not a good judge of that slushy... but the Blue Raspberry really let me down.

Then I realized why...

[rebelmouse-image 26891194 photo_credit="@lvbs" expand=1 original_size="3066x2870"] @lvbs

It turns out they use the classic Monin syrup you find at most bars and coffee shops that make Italian sodas... so it's no big surprise that these two slushys don't really stand out.

I didn't see what syrup was used to make the Jolly Rancher slushy, but I obviously don't care because I loved it.

So there's my honest two cents.... want to try one yourself? Here's the details...

WHAT: Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Jolly Rancher Slushys

WHERE: Tim Hortons locations across Canada

COST: $2.19 for a medium Blue Raspberry or Cherry, $2.99 for a medium Jolly Rancher (prices may vary)

Head to the Tim Hortons website for more details and nutritional information.

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