I Just Tried Tim Hortons Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwiches, And Here's My Honest Opinion

Having been a vegetarian for five years, I've had my fair share of imitation meat, in all its varying forms... and the reality is not all fake meat or plant-based proteins are created the same.

Nowadays, Beyond Meat is essentially synonymous with veggie burger, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that Tim Hortons had teamed up with the veggie-based burger company to create three breakfast sandwiches that are now available across Canada.

So this morning, I went and bought all three to give them a try.

We had the video team in the office and ready to take the whole first-try experience.

I first had the Beyond Meat patty at A&W, and was definitely satisfied with the experience. The burger didn't taste like meat, that's for sure, but it was still an awesome and delicious burger with all the toppings.


The Tim Hortons sandwiches are featuring a "breakfast sausage" patty instead of a burger-style patty, and to be honest, I prefer the sausage!

The Timmies sandwiches were a little dry, but I absolutely loved the seasoning.

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I'm a huge wussy, so they're not actually spicy but they are definitely spiced and have a bit of a kick to them. A kid might find it a little spicy? But like I said, I have no tolerance for heat, and this seasoning did not bother me one bit.


Some of my co-workers tried it as well. They are all avid meat-eaters and weren't as much of a fan as I was, but I wasn't comparing it to a meat patty - I was trying to just compare this to the other Beyond Meat sandwiches I've had in the past.

The most recent Beyond Meat experience I had was at a Montreal burger and wine bar where they charge an extra $2 for the Beyond Meat patty. It was not very good and I was bummed I had spent the extra money for it.


With Tims, though, the sandwiches are comparatively priced alongside the other breakfast sandwiches and I honestly enjoyed the sausage's seasoning and spices. 

I think the wrap was my favourite, followed by the lettuce and tomato sandwich. I'm not vegan, so next time I'd throw a little mayo on there to help with the dryness.

But otherwise, I'm a huge fan!

Tim Hortons Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches are available now across Canada, so head out to your local Tims to try one!