I Love Montreal: Downtown & Old Montreal

The first of many artistic recreations of our fair city.
I Love Montreal: Downtown & Old Montreal

The boroughs of Montreal are getting a makeover. LoogArt, a Montreal-based design and illustration company, is recreating the neighborhoods of the city into sleek and stylistic animated skylines.

Downtown and Old Montreal are the first to get LoogArt's makeover, each featuring the most famous buildings and landmarks of the area. We've already showcased the full Montreal city-skyline, but more will be coming in the coming weeks. See what you think of LoogArt's borough-banners above and below.

LoogArt is creating this Montreal art initiative in association with Monhood, the world's first community based crowd funding platform. Mugs and tote bags are being sold by Monhood now (images below), with part of the proceeds going towards charities in Montreal. You can buy a piece of Montreal-made art, by a Montreal artist, sold by an MTL crowd funding group, which goes on to help the needy in the city. It's a Montreal win-win-win-win. Buy yours I here.

Another two Montreal boroughs will be featured next week. In the mean time SURF LoogArt's site, LIKE the FB page, and CHECK OUTMonhood.

How did you like the new Downtown and Old Montreal skylines?

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