I Patiently Waited To Download The Official Pokémon GO App In Canada And Now I Regret It

Okay, true story, I consider myself to be a pretty good person. Like, I follow the the rules. I don’t jay walk, ever. I stop at stop signs for a full three seconds. And I don't download games unless they've been released by the official manufacturer in my country.

Why is that? I don't know. Maybe I'm paranoid, or lazy, or both - but my point with all of this is that I, like a tiny handful of my fellow Montrealers, waited until Niantic officially released the Pokémon Go app in Canada to start playing the game.

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And it was kind of a dumb move on my part, to be honest with you guys.

I knew I was going to be totally obsessed with this game before it came out. I played a version of it on my friend's phone when it first became available in Canada, and I was legit hooked; but even if I'd never touched the game a day in my life, I'd still be obsessed with it.

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When I was younger, and way too consumed with the first gen Pokémon show, I could only dream that something like this would come out. Now that it has, I mean, it's not only nostalgic, but also hugely satisfying. And, as it turns out, super fun. And intimidating. Very, very intimidating.

Since I waited for the official app to come out in Canada, I'm already at a disadvantage. There have been champs playing this game for a whole week before I did, racking up levels and rare Pokémon like nobody's business. (Also, this would probably be a good time to mention the fact that the sheer number of people downloading the app had the servers down for, like, two hours, so I had to wait even longer to catch me some Pokémon).


Plus, I feel like a literal Slowpoke about everything. I just got to level 5 today. I'm still trying to decide between Mystic, Valor, and Instinct - meanwhile, there's a Valor gym near my house protected by a legit Dragonite.

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And it's not like I've been in a Poké blackout for the past week, either. I’ve been seeing people’s statuses. I’ve been reading. I know how awesome it gets as you progress, which makes it all that much more painful to have to start at level 1. I know what I can have. I’ve tasted it. And yet here I am, scrambling to catch 52 Drowzees to get my XP up.

But at the end of the day, this game’s awesome, friends. And no matter what level we’re at... well, we’re all in this together.

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