I Really Didn't Think I'd Like Netflix's "Riverdale" And Now I Don't Want It To End

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I Really Didn't Think I'd Like Netflix's "Riverdale" And Now I Don't Want It To End

Guys, stop what you're doing. Seriously. Drop everything, and come with me on this journey for just a moment - because we're going to talk about Netflix's Riverdale.

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A new series on the streaming network (and on The CW), Riverdale. Is. Perfection.

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Netflix releases one episode a week, like any other TV network might (which I'm actually a little salty about, but whatever), and every week, every episode is better than the last.

Let's start with the basic principle: it's all your favourite characters from the Archie comics, including Archie, Betty, Ms. Grundy and Moose, except with a twist.

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In the series, Riverdale is the backdrop to a mysterious death. Without giving too much away, one character dies in a sketchy AF way at the very beginning of the series, leaving all of our fave characters to figure out exactly whodunnit.

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Honestly, before diving in, I was a little afraid I was about to watch the beloved characters I grew up with being butchered to death. But thankfully, I never felt that way.

It was more like a reinvention of the characters I loved.

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They all have a little twist to them that makes them super interesting and not kind of one-dimensional, like they were in the comics.

Plus, the whole show has a very Twin Peaks kind of vibe. Even though sometimes it's heavy on the cheese, the mysteries keep you hooked, and it's super fun to see all your favourite characters with developed personalities.

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It's kind of like a super fun guilty pleasure. Except I have 0 guilt in admitting that I love it. Literally, I'm actually obsessed with this show. If you want to discuss it with me, legit, get at me and we'll talk. 

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Oh, and also: Cole Sprouse stars as Jughead, which is the perfect character/actor matchup I never knew I needed in my life. And Barb from Stranger Things is there, too; and yes, she does get justice. 

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Brood, Jughead. Brood.

Everyone else? Watch TF out of Riverdale. It's actually such a fun show to get into, TBH! 

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