Guys, if you know me at all, you for sure know one thing about me.

Straight-up, I strongly dislike taking public transportation. I don't know exactly why; probably, I'm just one of those people who complain about everything but don't know just how good we have it.

Whatever the reason, public transport is not for me.

And neither is driving, apparently.

Although I have my driver's license, I get anxious if I have to drive for a long stretch of time. No amount of comfort can get me to stop being so nervous behind the wheel, and so for everyone's safety, I've put a pin in the whole "driving myself around" thing, just until I can get over whatever's holding me back.

Until that time comes, I'll always be looking for crafty ways to get lifts. That's why Uber was pretty much my bae for a little while: it offered convenience (enter your full trajectory? pay by credit card? track the car? Yes. All of it. Yes please), fun drivers, cheaper prices, and an all-around good alternative to public transportation.

My month-long adventure with Uber began innocently enough. I forgot to charge my Opus for the month, and, stranded without change or cash, I downloaded the app, ordered an Uber, and bam. Within two minutes, I was sitting next to my driver, zipping through the city. I reached my destination in record time, and throughout the ride, I had a super intriguing talk with the driver. In short, I was hooked.

The next day, I decided to Uber it again. Within five minutes, a new driver was pulling up in front of my place.

He opened the door for me, offered me gum and water, and asked me if I had any route that I preferred to take. I was like, "nah," and off we went - closer to work, and deeper and deeper into my Uber obsession.

Throughout the next month, I kept finding convenient excuses to not load my Opus. I "just didn't have any time", or I "misplaced my card"... Basically, I was reaching pretty hard, every single day, for more reasons to continue my use of Uber.

I couldn't help it, TBH. All of my Uber drivers were super polite, chill, and fun to talk to; they engaged in conversations with me, got me where I needed to go safely and in a super timely manner, and always listened if I requested a road change or something like that.

Plus, during one of my rides, Hotline Bling by Drake came on the radio... and my Uber driver and I started singing along to it. Legit. We were duet-ing Hotline Bling together, these two strangers brought together by a single app. It was beautiful.

It was also addicting. I felt like I had some control over my route, which wasn't something I was used to with other methods of getting around.

And then came the credit card bill, and my month of happiness came crashing down on me like a ton of bricks.

Let me tell you something, friends. Uber is a cheaper alternative to other ways of getting around... but those rides add up, especially if you're taking an Uber every single day.

Although that reality check was super rough, and I've since been kind of forced to kick the Uber habit, I don't regret it.

Not only was I getting around the city super quickly, but I also got to meet some incredibly interesting people, with different backgrounds and opinions. A lot of them were outgoing; some were just there to do their job; but all of them were polite and respectful, and although it ended up costing me a pretty penny (BRB, drying my tears), I wouldn't trade my month-long trip down the Uber rabbit hole for anything.

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