I Tried McDonald's Canada's New 'Fish & Chips' And Here's My Honest Opinion

The Fish & Chips is available across Canada starting May 14th.
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I Tried McDonald's Canada's New 'Fish & Chips' And Here's My Honest Opinion

McDonald's Canada has just unveiled a new menu item. The 'Fish & Chips' features "100% Atlantic haddock" sourced from Nova Scotia fishers. The fish is served on top of McDonald's classic golden fries with a side of tartar sauce.

The meal is available at McDonald's locations across Canada from May 14th.

Though many Canadians have taken to social media to express their enthusiasm for the new dish, many others are skeptical.

To help guide your decision whether or not to order the fish, I went out and got my own box and explain my honest opinion below.

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The presentation of the Fish & Chips evokes the fresh meal boxes from the fish shacks that dot Atlantic beaches in the summer months. 

The meal itself, of course, does not look like its promotional photos.

The fish batter is not the flakey, buttery crust Canadians might expect. However it is generously applied and, on first bite, does strike the right balance between savoury and sweet.

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The batter recipe is unfortunately the highlight of the meal. The fish itself is fine but lacks flavour despite its strong smell. It is less juicey and tasty than the popular McDonald's fish sandwich.

The side of tartar sauce also lacks flavour. The mixture of relish and mayonnaise is in need of additional spice. I recommend adding pepper.

The fries are typically McDonald's. They thankfully do not absorb any fishiness despite their location under the haddock.

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Overall, the meal is the perfect size. I did not want any more or less.

Though I'm happy to have tried it, and its components are perfectly fine, I would not order the McDonald's Fish & Chips again. 

McDonald's seems to have aimed for simplicity, but the individual elements don't shine enough to carry the flavour profile of the meal.

But McDonald's gets credit for trying.

Check out the Fish & Chips on the McDonald's Canada website here!

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