I Went Raw Vegan For A Week And Here's What Happened

An honest feedback.
I Went Raw Vegan For A Week And Here's What Happened

Ever since my fitness studio reopened in January 2016, it's been crazy busy. It's literally impossible to find a parking spot or even an empty locker. People have been going nuts with New Year resolutions and I'm no exception.

I decided to become a raw vegan and see what happens to my body, mood and overall health. So for a little over a week, I ate a lot of fresh veggies, fruits and nuts. In addition, I tried to drink about two litres of water throughout the day. Crazy? Definitely... but people all over the world seem totally comfortable living a raw vegan lifestyle, so I figured it could be an interesting challenge for myself.

Here's what my daily food intake would look like:


Nuts bar


Dates, nuts


Soy yogurt, honey, blueberries, bananas, chia seeds


Sea weed chips (They're not raw, but I figured they still fit this diet quite well given their nutritional value)

Photo cred - wehearit


Veggies and raw homemade hummus


Weight: Surprisingly, my weight did not drop or increase. I was able to maintain the same weight throughout the whole experiment.

Mood: I'm not going to lie, I missed that pleasant feeling only a warm hearty meal can give you. Veggies and fruits don't hug from the inside. In addition, soy yogurt tastes disgusting. However, following this strict diet gave me some sort of pride and a feeling of self-accomplishment.

Energy: I was FULL of energy. When you have a poutine for lunch, all you want to do is nap afterwards. It's really not the case with this menu. I always felt light and energetic. My sleep has improved. I went to the gym as per usual and felt amazing.

Hunger levels: I wasn't feeling hungry at all. However, I have to admit that I was missing food that actually tasted like food. As a result, I broke my diet by day 10 and had some ramen soup.

My verdict: Would I do it again? Absolutely. Now that I'm back to eating normal, I realize that my energy levels are gone, I'm tired and sleepy during the day. It's not an easy diet to follow and moderation is key, but it's totally worth a try.

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