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I Wore "Kylie Jenner Nails" For A Month And This Is What Happened To Me

Straight-up, I love getting my nails done. I'd been getting my nails done with just gel polish for a really long time, and while I loved the feeling of having gorgeous, natural nails, I always wanted them to be crazy long.

Last month, I had an event to go to, so in the spur of the moment I decided to get fake nails. It was a definite yolo moment (don't judge me for still saying yolo), and since I wasn't planning to keep them on for more than a week, I decided to get them shaped in the super trendy ballerina style. Because if you're going to do something, might as well go all in.

Anyway, long story short, I fell in actual love with these nails. I felt like an actual Kardashian (again, don't judge me) and I was like, screw my natural nails, fake nails are where it's at - and so I decided to keep them on forever.

I took every single chance I could to (not so) subtly show them off.

And when my friends announced that they didn't like them, I ignored their advice. These nails were a part of me now. I'd never take them off. I'd be rocking grey hair and wrinkles before I let these things off my fingers.

And then the regret set in.

While having lusciously long nails is beautiful, it's impractical AF. Especially when your job involves lots and lots of typing. To be honest with you guys, I haven't been able to type out a complete sentence with ease in weeks.

Also, everyday tasks become a struggle. Washing my hair was like a contest to see which fingernail could accidentally get caught and rip out the most strands; putting on my jewelry was literally an impossible task (these nails are not made for messing with delicate clasps); and you could forget opening beer cans. The tab struggle is real.

I also got hella injured while trying to cook one day. I was cutting through a spaghetti squash, and the knife clipped one of my super long nail tips - to avoid doing any damage, I moved my hand weirdly and lowkey sliced my finger. That was a definite wakeup call. Although my nails were gorgeous, and expertly applied, I could no longer sacrifice my everyday life for these claws.

Plus, I was starting to get bored of the colours, and see gorgeous, natural nails everywhere I went, and I found myself learning that natural nails - short, long, painted, not painted, whatever - are just as pretty as nail extensions.

So, friends who are considering taking the gel nail extension plunge, just remember one thing: they look gorgeous. They feel gorgeous. But one day, when you're slicing through your own finger with a kitchen knife in slow-motion horror, you just might regret it.

Or not. There's a very good chance that I just legit cannot rock these nails; they're just not for me personally. Whatever the case is, they will very soon be successfully soaked right off my nails, and I'll be heading back to regular UV gel ASAP.

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