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I Wouldn't Change My Québec Man For The World

A love, hate relationship.
I Wouldn't Change My Québec Man For The World

Having traveled the world and lived in many different countries, from England to France and New Zealand, I've observed men from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Each have their charms and magic, but nothing quite compares to the independent man of Québec.

At the age of 30, I have already experienced a 7-year marriage to a man from France, from which I can be grateful for my 2 beautiful children. Now I can say that I've been dating here in Québec for the last 2 and a half years, and am currently in a relationship.

I'll admit that when I first hit the Quebec dating scene, I was really lost. Not only having arrived from France just 2 years before and being extremely consumed by my work and my small family, I had been married and loyal to one man for 7 years. With the little friends and knowledge of Montreal I had at the time, I was left little choice but to try my luck with the dating sites.

These are my observations thus far:

Québec Men And Marriage

Fortunately, messages and date requests came rolling in from great local men of all sorts, and I started dating. As dates developed to relationships, I quickly started to see differences from my previous worldly experiences. Firstly, marriage didn't seem to be a priority or even something that was forecasted.

Therefore it wasn't that surprising when people looked at me sideways when I said I had been married, as if it was no longer the norm for our generation. Where as when I scroll through my Facebook, I see marriage is still very much alive and happening for my European friends.

Now your probably thinking, "why is not getting married a good thing?" Well having lived it, yes it was a special and beautiful experience, but why put a huge price tag to one specific event that ultimately, but hopefully not, could lead to the horrible ordeal of divorce. Take that money and invest it into a lifetime of expressions of love and happiness, and rather than having just one memory, have many instead.

Québec Men And Money

From my experiences, I find Québec men like calm women, and are looking for a relationship of equality. Where as the European males tend to pay a lot for their women and prefer to be considered the bread maker and the "man of the house", it became apparent to me that Québec men are independent, less needy of a women and expect you to pay your way. Something I think are fantastic qualities, and the best way of developing mutual respect.

Now you would think with men here showing their want for a calm women of equality, that is what Quebec women would be like, but no they are not! They are also extremely independent and even very dominate. So how does this work? Well honestly I think the figures show it doesn't. Montreal actually boasts a high percentage of single people, and more specifically men.

Québec Men And Romance

Men from Europe often shower girls in gifts and flowers, where as a gift from a man here in Québec is more practical, carefully considered, and for a specific occasion. Now why do I prefer practicality to romance? I have now lived and learned, and even though I do like a little romance (I mean what girl doesn't!), I would choose practicality over romance any day.

As I get older, I need a man who is financially sensible and wise, and practicality just proves that they have observed my true needs and have got my back. A man who is more likely to be there for the long run, and not just the fun at the beginning.

Québec Men And Loyality

Now a Québec man might be less spontaneous, but sure to be there when you need them the most. I believe that the men here don't feel tied down by their relationships, and often take longer to move in with you and aren't looking to get married any day soon, and are therefore less likely to cheat.

Their happiness is very important to them, and why shouldn't it be! This just means if they feel the need to cheat they will see it as a sign of unhappiness and move on. The fact that they take their time and think things through shows that they care about making the right decision....most of the time.

So ladies if you take anything away from my article today, just remember that often romantic gestures die away as we become comfortable, where as a true gesture of love stays for the life of a relationship. Québec men are very much true (so far anyway), so count yourselves lucky to be surrounded by them!

A Québec man is harder to convince to love but once he does, you are sure he is for real. One thing for sure - I wouldn't change my Québec man for the world.

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