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Identity Of The Canadians Killed During The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Revealed

Rest in peace.
Identity Of The Canadians Killed During The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Revealed

Everyone has seen the face and heard the name of the suspect of the shooting in Las Vegas. 

But just like every time there's an attack like this, all the attention gets paid to the shooter instead of the victims. 

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Sadly, among the victims of the attack on Sunday, there were 3 Canadians killed. If you would like to help the victims of the attack, there is a Go Fund Me Page set up for you to donate. 

Here is what we know so far about them:

Jessica Klymchuk

Ms. Klymchuk was a school librarian, bus driver and single mother of four children who lived in Valleyview Alberta. She was spending the holiday in Las Vegas with her fiance when the shooting took place.

Jordan McIldoon

McIldoon was a 23 year old construction worker from Maple Ridge. He was in Las Vegas with his girlfriend Amber Bereza. According to Bereza's brother, McIldoon heroically sacrificed his own life to shield his girlfriend from the gunshots.

Calla Medig

Calla was from Jasper, Alberta and was described as a "kind-hearted young woman with a beaming smile." She was in her 20s and was the 3rd confirmed victim of the shooting

Tara Rowe

Tara Rowe, a 34 year old woman from Okotoks, Alberta. She was presumed missing after the shooting when her husband and two friends had not heard from her since the shooting. Rowe has now been confirmed as the 4th Canadian victim to have been killed in the Las Vegas Attack.

According to CBC at least two other women from Manitoba and two men from Saskatchewan are still in the hospital after being injured at the Route 91 Harvest music festival.


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