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If Game Of Thrones Characters Lived In Montreal

Valar Morghulis, b!tch.
If Game Of Thrones Characters Lived In Montreal

With its stark divide (pun intended) between east and west, its massive range of cultural diversity, and its penchant for corrupt leaders, isn't Montreal rather like the world of A Song of Ice and Fire? Can't you picture people like Cersei, Arya and Danearys running around this city?

Below I've compiled what I imagine some of the inhabitants of George R. R. Martin's world would be doing if they lived in Montreal.

Brace yourselves. Winter is coming.

Cersei Lannister

She’s a middle-aged divorcée in Hampstead living off of the hefty alimony. She spends most days drinking mimosas, criticising her cheating ex Robert, and bragging about how well her son Joffrey is doing at Marionopolis. Nobody bothers to tell her Joffrey’s an a$$hole because they know she wouldn’t listen anyway.

Jaime Lannister

He was once one of the best players the Habs had ever seen, but his career was cut short after a particularly nasty wrist injury. Now he lives with his sister… which everyone finds really weird, but whatever.

Ned and Catlin Stark

They live out in Hudson and are involved in every town event. They give the impression of having a perfect family and self-righteously judge all of their neighbours.

Little Finger

This weirdo is on the Island Council on Dorval Island... and is in charge of the MMFA... and is he working on one of the election campaigns..? Seriously, who IS this guy?! And what's his endgame?

Photo cred - gameoflaughs

Khal Drogo

He doesn’t speak english. He doesn’t speak french. Nobody’s sure where he’s from, but he and his posse are becoming infamous for tearing up every bar they go into. He’s clearly an animal but the girls still love him.


The only politician to not have his posters vandalized, he wins local elections by a landslide. His ingenious campaign slogan? "HODOR."

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