If I Was A Man, I Would Get Any Girl “Like That”

At the snap of a finger.
If I Was A Man, I Would Get Any Girl “Like That”

Every time I talk to my girlfriends about my love life struggles, we always agree on one thing in the end - if we were born with male genitalia, we would make ANY woman fall in love with us in a heartbeat.

A lot of men these days only care about hitting home run, if you know what I mean. That's your number one mistake. You fail before you even get to start. Yes, obviously, you might succeed on a few or even multiple occasions, sleep with a bunch of women, break a few hearts... but, at the end of the day, it won't be very fulfilling. Karma is a thing, so remember to always be nice to people.

Your ultimate goal should be to have a girl fall in love with you. If you manage to make a woman fall for you, even if things don't work out between you guys - she will forever remember you as that one special person. You won't ever be referred to as "what's his face?" or "that guy I hooked up with once", you'll be "the only man that made me feel alive." You will leave a sweet aftertaste and stand out from the rest of the people she's been with.

So how would I make any woman fall in love with me if I was a man? I'll share my tricks with you, have no fear. However, before I do so, please promise me that you won't use my tips for all the wrong reasons. Only pursue girls that you're actually interested in. Don't ever treat women as "just another notch on your bedpost." Deal? Good.

There are two types of women out there: mature and immature. Mature women appreciate gentlemen and being respected. Immature women are attracted to "bad boys." You can easily figure out whether you're dealing with a mature or an immature woman simply by analyzing her exes or the lack of thereof. Depending on the type of woman you're dealing with, you'll have to adjust your behaviour accordingly.

I'm convinced that your looks and/or financial status don't play a significant role in attracting women. It obviously helps if you're doing "good" in both departments, but it's not what's going to make her fall for you. Confidence is!

Let's start with immature women first.

My personal suggestion is to stay away from them until they mature, but if you happen to really like a girl who seems to be into bad boys and bad decisions, here's what you need to do:

1. Play hot and cold

This will drive her crazy. Text a lot, take her out, make her laugh, act interested and then disappear for a couple of days. Ignore her messages and/or calls. Even if she wasn't that interested in you to begin with, she will feel challenged.

The moment you reappear back inside her life, you go in full force. Tell her how she's the most beautiful thing that you've ever laid your eyes on, take her out again, work your way into her heart. Then you slow down your intensity after a couple of days. Any immature woman is a bit of a masochist, so a little emotional turmoil on her side goes a long way. I feel so evil writing this, but this actually works. Remember we made a deal about having good intentions, right? Always keep this in the back of your mind, please.

2. Show her that other women want you

Immature women crave uncertainty. The fear of losing you to another female keeps them on their toes. However, don't overdo it. Let's say you're at a party together - you can openly flirt with and compliment other women.

It's almost like playing hot and cold again. You flirt with another woman, then you come back and hug your girl, you compliment the barmaid, then you turn around and tell your date: "You look so irresistibly hot tonight." Balance out your attention between her and other women. She will hate it, but love it all at the same time.

3. Dominate

Not sexually, no. By "dominate" I mean - always be in control of your relationship. If you've never been a "player" before, you'll need to adapt accordingly here.

Also show your dominance in public. Immature women get impressed with material things - get a big bottle at a club if your finances allow for such grand gestures, have big muscles, be the centre of attention when you go out. In other words, you need to portray yourself as a "big deal."

Mature women fall for a slightly different approach:

1. Have deep conversations

Mature women love to be intellectually stimulated. Your goal is to get inside her head, no pun intended. Make your woman open up about her fears, insecurities, childhood... tell her about your life as well. Really take time in getting to know her. Want to compliment a mature woman? Tell her that she would make the hottest mom this world has ever seen.

2. Be a gentleman

Show her that you care, even the little gestures count, like opening the door for her or telling her to dress warm because it's cold outside. Here's a whole article about what it means to be a gentleman.

3. Show her how serious your intentions are

Mature women want to know that you're in it for the long run. They want someone stable and serious. You'll get major bonus points if you love kids. You can explicitly state that you're not looking for a casual fling. Instead, explain her how you're at a point of your life when you want to build something solid. She will love to hear this.

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