If Jennifer Lawrence And Scarlett Johansson Were Morphed Together

Quite possibly the most beautiful person ever.
If Jennifer Lawrence And Scarlett Johansson Were Morphed Together

Photo cred - Movie Pilot

Celebrity face-mergers are a little played out, and usually pretty freakin' creepy, 'cuz  two pretty faces don't always combine to make an exquisite visage. Most of the time the new face looks very alien, but not when Scarlett Johansson is beautiful. Jennifer Lawrence are the original sources of beauty.

Two of the most beutiful women of Hollywood, it comes as no real surprise that Scarjo and J-Law's face-baby (courtesy of Movie Pilot) would be a beauty. Still, we can't help but be amazed at how flawlessly the two faces merged. No matter if you're more into Johannsson or Lawrence, you can't deny the two together make for a striking appearance.

It probably helps that the two kind of look pretty similar from the get-go. Large lightly coloured eyes, similar complexions, big lips, high cheek bones; the two are regulation hotties for many of the same reasons, so their face-child didn't have much room for being fugly.

The face-mergers name? That could go a few ways (Scennifer Lawhansson, Jarlett Jorence) but we're positive the abbreviated celebrity title would need to be ScarLaw, basicall because it makes her sound like a badass lawyer-assassin.

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