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"If Madame Marois Chooses That Route, She's Going To Get It."

Provincial election debate smack talk has begun.
"If Madame Marois Chooses That Route, She's Going To Get It."

Photo cred - Micheline Walker

Tonight is the watch the two-hour debate between Quebec's provincial election leaders, and the claws have already come out. Premier-hopefuls couldn't wait until 8pm tonight to start bashing each other.

Philippe Couillard, leader of the Liberal party, had some harsh words against Pauline Marois:

  • "If Madame Marois chooses that route, she's going to get it" & "If Madame Marois wants to have fun in the mud, she will be there alone. I won't go there."

Strange how Couillard is hating on Pauline for mudslinging...and yet is doing exactly that.

Pauline Marois would never be silent for too long, and has pointed out Couillard's suspicious friendship with Arthur Porter, and has taken an even more direct approach to hating on Couillard, equating him with the former premier of Quebec:

  • “I think we have in front of us someone who is like Mr. Charest: the same perspective, the same vision.”

Francois Legault of the CAQ didn't shy away from hating on Couillard a bit, to even things out, he said:

  •  "I've seen in the last few months that [Couillard] is not ready to govern."

This is only a sample of what the election leaders are saying behind each others backs. I hope it only ramps up when their together in person tonight.

Will you be watching the debate?

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