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If Quebec Separates, The First Nations People And Their territories Will Not Be Joining

A huge chunk of northern Quebec will remain in Canada.
If Quebec Separates, The First Nations People And Their territories Will Not Be Joining

The First Nations communities of Quebec have made their opinion on Quebec's independence quite clear: if Quebec separates, the First Nations people and their territories will not be joining the province.

Ghislain Picard, chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador told the Calgary Herald that First Nations "have the right to self-determination and this right is not negotiable...Quebec...cannot claim sovereignty over a territory which is still, fundamentally, First Nation."

Looking back to the results of 1995's First Nation referendum on Quebec sovereignty, 96.3% voted to stay in Canada. A second referendum will likely produce the same result, especially given Picard's comments..

The opinion, and probable actions, of  First Nation communities in Quebec creates a serious issue for the idea of Quebec sovereignty. TOn the map up top, all areas in red are the Cree and Inuit lands of Quebec. These lands rightfully belong to the First Nations people and will not be a part of an independent Quebec, if Picard's statements remain true. 

While the population of First Nations people in Quebec is only 2% of the total population,  Quebec will not have the same geographical make-up if the province secedes. A huge chunk of northern lands will remain in Canada. 

This begs the question: what would an independent Quebec really look like? Can other communities, like towns close to Ottawa that rely on nearby Anglophone business, or metropolises like Quebec City and Montreal, also decide to remain in Canada?

These are specifics that still not addressed, which is worrying/strange given the new found vigor attached to the movement towards Quebec's Independence.

Do you agree with the First Nations have a right to choose their nation?

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