If The Montreal Canadiens Played Soccer Instead Of Hockey

If The Montreal Canadiens Played Soccer Instead Of Hockey

In a dark, less winter-y timeline, Montreal's premiere sports team doesn't play hockey. Instead, in this entirely fictional alternate universe, the Habs are actually a soccer team, or football team, if you're being European about it. What would the Montreal Canadiens' soccer counterparts look like? Matt McElroy of Number9Concepts has an idea.

Delving into a reality where soccer replaces hockey in North America, McElroy created what he thought the uniforms of all NHL teams would look like if they were soccer kits. Posted on Icethetics.co, McElroy does a pretty great re-imagining of all the uniforms, each one looking like it could appear on a soccer field in the summer.

The Habs soccer uniform actually looks especially legit. Blue and red make for a striking two-colour combo on the one creation to the left, while the tri-colour stripes on the right works much better as a soccer shirt rather than as a hockey jersey. I'm not hating on the original jersey of the Habs, but for some reason, coloured stripes just have more of a soccer feel to them.

Kudos to JdM for pointing McElroy's designs in our direction. Check out the full image series here.

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