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If This Is The Best The Government Can Come Up With, Then We Are Ashamed To Be Canadian

In 2017 Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday. A century and a half has nearly passed since Confederation, and while there are still three years to go until the official birthday date, the Canadian government has already begun prepping for the celebration. To commemorate Canada turning 150, the federal government has churned out some logos that "reflects [the] pride, celebration, unity, youth and multiculturalism" of our fair nation. Only problem is, they kinda suck. See for yourself.

The project cost around $40 000, and was tested in groups across Canada. Online, the feedback was not so constructive. Canadians shit on the new logos (they do kinda suck) so Ibraheem Youssef, a Canadian graphic designer, took things into his own hands.

On his personal website, Youssef created a campaign to find a logo that works, prompting other artists and graphic designers to help create a logo which does Canada justice. Our favourites from the first set of logos can be seen below, while the next set is due on Dec. 16th. Hopefully the Canadian government takes note and chooses one of these instead. Check out the full series at 

-Brooke Hennessy

-Carmel Dias

-Dominic Ayre

-Ibraheem Youssef

-Jason Fung

-Theo Gibson

What do you think of these two sets of logos? Were the government's creations truly awful, and were Youssef's collaborations much better? Let us know in the comments below.

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