If You Got A New Opus Card This Year, The STM Might Owe You Money

There has been a glitch in the matrix. Sorry, not the matrix, force of habit. I mean there's been a glitch in the electronic operating system governing the STM's Opus cards. Issued in a press release yesterday, the STM revealed an anomaly in their system, which may result in about 10, 000 Opus card holders losing some of their fares.

Specifically, the STM is addressing/warning anyone who got a valid photo Opus card (only available to students and seniors) between the dates of December 17th, 2014 to October 18, 2015. So, basically anyone who got a photo-Opus in the last year.

Additionally, the glitch itself only affects the 10-trip pass, resulting in a premature expiration of said fares. In total, this glitch could make about 10, 000 Montrealers lose some spent cash on STM fares. Fear not if you're a monthly pass kind of person, but if you do happen to purchase the 10-trip option, the STM wants you to follow a fairly simply procedure to see if your card has the anomaly.

To check if your Opus card is being affected by the glitch in the STM-system, all you need to do is verify your card on the STM website here. Just enter in your card number and the online service will check if your card is packing the glitch.

Any STM users with cards that have the glitch detected will be contacted by the STM promptly, to ensure you don't lose any dough on fares that may have expired.

Once again, you can check on your card's status here. Good luck y'all.