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Rally the troops! Igloofest adds 3 nights to the 2013 edition program

Montreal, November 20, 2012 - January 2013 Igloofest returns for a 7th edition to which is added a fourth weekend for a total of twelve evenings incomparable. Adding an extension will surely delight the diehards for whom it became a point of honor and almost made weapons to the challenge of this crazy event. By Sapporo, in collaboration with Solotech, this edition promises nearly a hundred invited artists, a redesigned website for the convenience of visitors and an igloo village offering new recreational activities to its brave festival. Appointment at Quai Jacques-Cartier Old Port of Montreal weekend of 17-18-19, 24-25-26 and 07-08-09 31-01-02 January and February 2013.

A winter game in twelve musical evenings

Igloofest has experienced exponential growth and saw its visitor numbers increase from 4,000 people in the first edition in 2007 to 70,000 last year. Faced with such enthusiasm, we must constantly adapt. That is how added a fourth weekend program this year, giving the opportunity to dance three nights over the stars during the coldest nights of the winter in Montreal. In addition, the proportions of the site once again been revised to make the experience even more user friendly. It will be even easier for troops mop circulate in the igloo village, to navigate and to explore new recreational facilities participatory. We also redesigned the visual dressing site, fun to combine the warmth of traditional methods to the latest innovations dazzling precision. Conventional projectors and tungsten lights combine with giant flat screens and LED technology to the dance floor and Igloo Village venues immersive experience complete.

Hymns and tunes that align allegiances

Drums, pipe, horns and trumpets, all the conquests were made in music. If Igloofest invites the world to brave the winter dance, music is not the accessory but the highlight of the celebration. At the helm of these festive evenings, artists from everywhere. Some popular demand: Magda (U.S.), Pan-Pot (DE) Audiofly (GB) and Miss Kittin (FR). Other long courted: Joy Orbison (GB), Chris Liebing (DE), Heidi (CA), Mathias Kaden (DE). Veterans: Josh Wink (U.S.), Sasha (GB), Ellen Allien (DE) and DJ Sneak (CA). And new names to watch: TNGHT (CA / GB), A Tribe Called Red (CA) and George FitzGerald (GB). And these are just a few names drawn from the twelve scheduled evenings.

In all, it is nearly forty artists who will take turns on the stage to Sapporo Igloofest 2013. Among these names, many of those who will be making their first visit to Montréal and even Canada. Here is the complete schedule of the main stage:

First weekend presented by V

   January 17 in conjunction with S-Trip!

Richie G (CA) - Sasha (GB)

January 18th in collaboration with MUTEK

Stephen Beaupré (Live) (CA) - Mathias Kaden (DE) - KiNK (Live) (BG)

   January 19th in collaboration with DJ Mag

Paolo Rocco (CA) - DJ Sneak (CA) - Josh Wink (U.S.)

Second weekend presented by Tia Maria

   January 24th in collaboration with Urbania

Alicia Hush (Live) (CA) - Miss Kittin (FR) - Ellen Allien (DE)

January 25th in collaboration with Exclaim!

Pierre De Lux (CA) - Nina Kraviz (UK) - Pan-Pot (DE)

   January 26th in collaboration with La Presse

Tronald Trump (CA) - Kaytranada (CA) - TNGHT (CA / GB) - Schlachthofbronx (DE)

Third weekend presented by Jägermeister

   January 31 in conjunction with Camuz

Henward (CA) - A Tribe Called Red (CA) - Caspa (GB)

   February 1 in collaboration with TPL

Vosper (CA) - Magda (U.S.) - Agoria (FR)

   February 2 in collaboration with Pulse Radio

Chase & Patrol (CA) - Audiofly (UK) - Heidi (CA)

Fourth weekend presented by Virgin Mobile

   February 7 Nightlife in collaboration with

Joe Goddard (Hot Chip!) DJ set (GB)

  February 8 in collaboration with Osheaga

The Gulf Stream (CA) - Joy Orbison (GB) - George FitzGerald (GB)

February 9 in collaboration with

Pulses (Live AV) (CA) - Tommy Four Seven (DE) - Chris Liebing (DE)

Up local forces

Igloofest is proud to announce the return for the third edition of the scene Igloo VIRGIN MOBILE. Sometimes springboard, sometimes podium, this scene is a credit to it is as much a tribute to the career of artists in Montreal missed the middle. Programming that gathers nearly forty artists to discover and greet, which will be revealed Tuesday, November 27.

Proudly wear the colors of his clan

Igloofest in cold weather clothing requires a thought but ideally also kitsch original. According to a strong tradition igloofestienne, festival bravest wear winter period outfits including colors and patterns compete for top honors in the famous contest "one piece" Sapporo. Visit the pavilion Sapporo to participate!

The hordes come from everywhere

Igloofest receives more foreign visitors from North America and South America, Europe and even Asia. Hotel packages in all price ranges will soon be available on the website of the event. Similarly, the special menu Igloofest will return within the 6th edition of Happening Gourmand taking place in several restaurants in Old Montreal from 10 January to 3 February.

The messengers are already running with the new

Marketing side, it is again the agency Bark signing campaign Igloofest 2013. Paying tribute to the fans of the event who live fully as a rite of passage, it is a snap to symbolic "cold warriors" that lurk in all of us. This imagery is declined in various ways including a trailer produced by Jet Films and directed by Benjamin Lussier will be aired on V. The posters will be on Igloofest them visible in the STM network.

The gates of the fortress to open first sighted

With the use of new technologies, access to the site Igloofest has become quick and easy. As the number of places is limited and that over a full evening posted in 2012, it is strongly recommended to buy tickets in advance. Here are the facts ticketing Igloofest:

New this year: Iglooweekends allow you to make the most of your weekend Igloofest for the modest sum of $ 40.

Presale: 20 November to 3 December - Igloopasses costs $ 95 all inclusive.

For sale: Dec. 4 - at Ticketpro and shop.

Igloopasses: Regular $ 120 all inclusive (until Saturday, January 19, 2013, limited quantity).

Iglooweekends: $ 40 (all inclusive)

Regular tickets online: $ 15 (+ service charges).

Regular tickets in store: $ 15 (+ $ 1 fee).

Tickets at the door (from 17h): $ 20 all inclusive.

Reminder: NO readmission on the site in the evenings.

This event is 18 and over. No refund.

No conquest is accomplished without allies

Igloofest thank its valued partners without whom the magic key would never take place: Sapporo, Solotech, Tia Maria, VIRGIN MOBILE, Jägermeister, V, Old Port of Montreal, Tourisme Quebec, Montreal Tourism, Consulate General of France in Montreal, Guru , Mojo, Bacardi Oakheart, Pajar, STM, Band of Outsiders, La Presse, Nightlife, TPL, Camuz, Exclaim!, Urbania,, CISM, Van Houtte, Simplex, Cold Loue, Moog Audio, S-Trip!, bark, Jet Films, La Vitrine, Greencopper, Osheaga, MUTEK, DJ Mag, Pulse Radio and Ticketpro, not to mention our numerous collaborators.

Igloofest 2013

17-18-19 and 24-25-26 January 31-01-02 and 07-08-09 February 2013

At Quai Jacques-Cartier, Old Port of Montreal

6:30 p.m. to 0:00

18 +

Tickets: $ 15 (plus postage) / / store $ 16 / / $ 20 at the door

Iglooweekends: $ 40

Igloopasses: $ 120 (+ shipping)

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