IKEA Adding Candy Shop To Its Montreal Location

Move over, Swedish meatballs.
IKEA Adding Candy Shop To Its Montreal Location

Furniture is no longer the only thing you can build yourself from IKEA. The Swedish furniture store just announced that they'll be bringing their new "Pick and Mix" candy stations to all of their Canadian locations, including right here in Montreal. Soon, meatballs will no longer be the only treat drawing people to, what I like to call, the greatest place on earth.

If the Canadian setup is anything like its American counterpart, which launched earlier this summer, we can expect about 45 varieties of Swedish candy, with everything from gummies to sours to chocolate to liquorice. In the US there's a set $7.99 price per pound of candy, which seems extremely reasonable. All of the candy is made using Swedish recipes and has no high fructose corn syrup, trans fats or GMOs, so it's basically healthy, right?

The Pick and Mix stations are expected to be in all Canadian stores by this fall, and personally I can't wait. It'll definitely make back to school shopping so much more fun.