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IKEA Canada Just Released An All-New "Veggie Dog" And It Looks Gross

No trip to Swedish super-store IKEA is complete without a pit stop at the famous IKEA Bistro.  

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TL;DR IKEA just relased a veggie hot dog in Canada and it looks questionable. 

At the bistro, you will find a wide selection of iconic food items that resonate with IKEA customers as much as the furniture itself. For example: Swedish meatballs, hot dogs, fried fish, and soft serve ice cream.

Everything costs about 50 cents – it's great. They even serve wine in a cafeteria, how European!

IKEA being a forward-thinking Scandinavian business is doing its best to get onto the "clean eating" trend and has expanded its bistro offerings to cater to the vegetarian, vegan, and wellness-obsessed crowd.

For example, they took their classic Swedish meatball and made a veggie version they cleverly called "veggie balls" back in 2015. They have apparently been a hit since then.

Now, they have transformed yet another IKEA classic: the hot dog.  

You can now get a veggie hot dog at IKEA bistro. This plant-based sausage is made with kale, red lentils, carrots, ginger, quinoa, onion, potatoes, and spices. It's served on a wheat bun with mustard, red cabbage, and roasted onion.

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When the veggie dog first appeared in Swedish IKEA locations it was a hit. They reportedly sold 1 million veggie dogs in a month. 

Confident from the soaring hot dog sales, IKEA has now decided it's time to bring the veggie dog to Canada.

But, to be quite honest, it looksawful in my opinion. The texture, the color, it's all off. It just doesn't LOOK like a hot dog. 

It's as if IKEA intentionally made this hot dog to look "healthy" and plant-based. 

Usually, when food companies create veggie versions of classic products, they attempt to make the item visually mimic the original because we eat with our eyes as much as our taste buds.

In other words, if it looks like meat, it will trick your brain into tasting like it too.

In the end,I'm not sure if this rainbow-coloured product will resonate with the North American palette. 

At least it's cheap, though. The veggie dog is selling for 75 cents, the exact same price as a regular IKEA frankfurter. Will you try it?


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