IKEA Canada Will Now Buy Back Your Old Furniture In Exchange For Store Credit

We all have that one piece of IKEA furniture that's just sitting awkwardly and out of place in our home.

TL;DR IKEA Canada launched a "Sell-Back" program where you can sell back your old furniture in exchange for IKEA store credit. You must be a memeber of IKEA FAMILY program to participate. Links and instructions are below!

Maybe you were overstimulated by the whole IKEA experience and made a questionable purchase, maybe your girlfriend pressured you into buying it, or maybe it was just a bad decisions.

Whatever the case, IKEA now has a "buy back" style program, so you will never again regret a purchase made from them!

IKEA's new "sell-back" program is a sustainable way to give your used furniture a second life.

The process is super simple, first, you must be an IKEA FAMILY member. This is a loyalty program with tons of great perks including access to the sell-back program.

It takes about 3-seconds to sign-up to the IKEA FAMILY program here.

After that, it's just 3 easy steps.

Fist, take a few photos of the piece of furniture you wish to sell and submit to IKEA, wait up to 72-hours for professional appraisal, then drop off your item in store to redeem for store credit you can use to buy brand new stuff!

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Check out the official IKEA Sell-Back Program page HERE!