IKEA Just Released Its Holiday Collection In Canada

The perfect Christmas decorations!
IKEA Just Released Its Holiday Collection In Canada

While we Canadians often cry and moan about winter, residents of Northern Europe have adopted a more optimistic attitude toward the season.

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TL;DR IKEA Canada has officially launched its holiday collection in Canada. Scroll down for the direct link to shop the collection online.

They call this attitude "hygge" – a Danish word that's meant to capture the emtional state of being cozy and comfortable with feelings of wellness and contentment, despite the fact that your freezing you're butt off outside.

Many Scandinavian countries have adopted the concept of hygge as a way to mentally cope with the long and dark winter months. Because, although our winters are generally colder, these poor guys up the northern hemisphere almost never see the sun during the winter. 

That said, nothing is more Scandinavian than the Swedish brand IKEA, which just released its official holiday collection in Canada so that you, too, can partake in hygge. These items are just the thing to make your home a Christmassy haven from the harsh reality of winter.

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You can shop for everything from lighting, to reusable trees, wreaths of all shapes and sizes, and tableware for your special holiday dinner. 

The IKEA holiday collection also includes beautiful gift wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons that will make your presents looks picture-perfect under the Christmas tree.

It doesn't take much to cozy up a home and embrace hygge for the winter. A few light strings and scented candles to set the mood, a fuzzy throw and seasonal pillows to add some texture – and voila, you're holiday-ready.

The best part: everything is sold at the usual budget-friendly prices you can expect from IKEA. 

Check out the entire collection at IKEA's official Winter Holiday page HERE!