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IKEA Now Has Dog Parking Lots

Because a hot car is no place for a dog.
IKEA Now Has Dog Parking Lots

First IKEA brought you the child care centre where you can stash your enthusiastic kids while you shop, and then the man cave for bored husbands and boyfriends, and now an IKEA in Germany has created a doggie parking lot so that your four legged friend can lounge in luxury while you pick out your newest dresser set.

These doggie bays, located in a shaded area just outside the store, come complete with a dog bed made from astroturf, a secure place to tie your dog, and a water bowl. The general idea behind it is to encourage people to stop leaving their pets in their cars on these swelteringly hot summer days while they're out shopping. Every knows (or at least they should) just how horrible and inhumane leaving a dog in a car, for even just 5 minutes, on a hot day can be, so this is an amazing alternative.

It really is a brilliant idea and hopefully with enough support and success in Germany, they'll expand it to other IKEAs around the world. I don't know about you, but I would love to see this in Montreal, and across Canada in general.

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