IKEA Opened A New Store In Quebec And The 4,000 Person Lineup Was Insane (Video)

This morning there is a brand new IKEA opening in Quebec City, and they are celebrating their grand opening with a very special event.

Since 6:00 am wednesday morning, IKEA has been giving away more than $10,000 in prizes to the customers who showed in line.

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They’ve been giving customers a chance to win a $1,000 gift card every 15 minutes, and the first 300 people who showed up in line received a $50 gift card. 

And it seems to have worked because the line-up this morning was absolutely insane!

Here are some photos of the line-up that started last night.

@doorman16embedded via  

And here’s what the line looked like this morning. As you can see the line seems to go on forever! 

For those of you who don't feel like waiting in line but still want to take advantage of this new IKEA's opening day celebration fear not! There will also be some special promotions and prices as well as discounts on iconic products all the way through the weekend, with a new offer every day.

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