IKEA Replaces Movie Theater's Seats With Cozy Beds To Surprise Moviegoers

Photo cred - themoscowtimes

Go to the movies, or just stay at home and watch Netflix, it's an ongoing debate some of us have all too frequently. On the one hand, a movie theatre plays all the newest films and you have popcorn at the ready, but on the other, your home has your bed and blankets, meaning unadulterated viewing comfort. Movie-goers in Russia don't have to deal with his dilemma, thanks to IKEA.

The Russian branch of IKEA, as part of their new "Wake Up Love" campaign, decided to give Russian film fans at the Kinostar De Lux cinema in Khimki (a bit north of Moscow) the most comfy of movie-watching experiences, as they transformed the whole theatre into a multi-level bedroom.

17 double beds replaced the theatre's seats, allowing spectactors to stretch, relax, and have all the comfort of home while watching their chosen film. Hopefully no horny teens were in the audience, because they already go at it like rabbits in theatre seats, Odin only knows what they'd do if they had an access to a bed.

See the magical transformation yourself in the video below, courtesy of Instinct.


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