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IKEA Table Being Sold In Canada For $70 Could Be Worth $8,500

When it comes to furniture and antiques that get handed down from generation to generation, IKEA doesn't typically come to mind. 

In fact, most IKEA products have trouble surviving even a few years in the average Canadian student's apartment.

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TL;DR An IKEA side table on sale in Canada costs only $69.99. Experts claim it could be worth more than $8,500 in the future

But there is one piece of IKEAfurniture that's getting a lot of attention lately and it's predicted to skyrocket in value in the next few years. 

Pontus Silfverstope is an antique expert who works at the Swedish auction house Barneby’s, and last month he put out his new list of "Future Antiques". 

The 3rd item on his list is a simple little IKEA side table that costs $69.99.

It's called the LÖVBACKEN side table and it is a throwback to one of their original 1953 designs created by Gillis Lundgren, one of Sweden's most successful designers.


The original tables are worth thousands of dollars today and Barneby's is predicting that the new tables will also be worth a lot of money in the near future. 

By 2030 the price of table is predicted to be more than $3,000 and if you manage to keep it intact until 2040, it's predicted to be worth over $8,500.

The side table is currently in-stock at almost every single IKEA store in Canada.

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