I'm 22 And This Is Why I've Never Been On Tinder

Don't swipe, swerve.
I'm 22 And This Is Why I've Never Been On Tinder

When Tinder came out a couple years ago, I was single and ready to mingle, and yet I never felt the need or curiosity to download the app and build a profile.

Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against social media. I'm all up on that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat game. But Tinder? I would rather be seen on Jdate.

Here are some of the reasons why I've never been on Tinder, and won't be on it anytime soon.

1. It's awkward

That's not embarrassing, it's awkward. Poor Adam was just trying to be polite. See there's the problem - miscommunication because you don't know each other and are forced to communicate on a platform by useless messages.

Photo Creds - US Magazine

2. Chris Pine isn't on Tinder

3. Or Ryan Gosling

4. Guys don't take you seriously

I've heard enough girl talks about Tinder to know that guys are on there for one thing and one thing only - to hit, and run.

5. and even if they did, they've got three side chicks

It's just too easy for them, so why would they settle?

6. It's superficial

You're basing yourself on one picture of a person. ONE. Has no one heard of editing softwares? or Facetune? #catfish.

7. How many times have you heard of a couple who met on tinder?

Enough said.

8. Guys on Tinder are always weirder than in real life

Have you seen some of their profile pictures?!

9. I don't want people knowing where I am

The fact you need to turn on your Location Services to spot where I am, is creepy. Borderline stalker. "Nick is 3 km away". and why would I want him any closer?

10. If you're still not convinced, watch Tinderella.

A "modern" fairytale.

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