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I'm Scared To Use My Phone In Public Now, Because People Will Think I'm Playing Pokémon GO

'No, I'm not playing Pokémon GO, I'm just texting my boyfriend...'
I'm Scared To Use My Phone In Public Now, Because People Will Think I'm Playing Pokémon GO

I was talking to one of my friends about Pokémon GO this week, since that's pretty much the only thing anyone is talking about anymore these days.

Personally, I'm indifferent when it comes to Pokémon. I was a little too old when it first came out, so I never really jumped on the bandwagon. But I still ended up playing quite a few Pokémon games over the years.

My friend however (who chose to remain anonymous), had very strong feeling against Pokémon.

He was more angry at Pokémon than I've ever been about anything in my life.

"Why dafuq would I want to chase around some shitty glorified beanie babies on my phone" was his exact quote. (Dafuq included).

It's gotten to the point where he hates using his phone in public because he's afraid people will think he's playing Pokémon GO.

I thought he was overreacting.

But when he explained in detail what he meant, I must admit I began to understand how he feels.

When Pokémon first came out, it seemed like it was targeted towards his little brother's generation, yet it was always shoved in his face as well.

Everyone in his class gradually joined in on the Pokémon hysteria, but still he stayed away.

What was supposed to be a phase like any other, turned into years and years of Pokémon themed birthday parties, watching Pokémon on TV and playing Pokémon video games. Because that's all his friends wanted to do.

But the last straw came when his own relatives started buying him Pokémon toys for Christmas and birthdays because they assumed he was a fan of the show due to his age.

Eventually though the fad died, the kids got older and finally it seemed like he would never have to deal with these "goddamn cartoon monsters" ever again.

Then after enjoying a few years of peace, Pokémon GO was released.

Now his girlfriend was constantly playing. She was missing dinner because she had to detour to catch a Pikachu. She forced him to take selfies of her standing next to Pokémon. She even asked him to capture a Pokemon that was down the street because she had walked around too much that day and was too tired to go herself.

"At least when she was playing candy crush she didn't fuckin' bother me about it."


As if that wasn't bad enough, everyone who knows how much he hated the game growing up, is constantly asking him sarcastically: "So, you must loooove Pokémon GO right?"

And his reaction is pretty much:

But I get it, and I actually kinda feel bad for him.

Basically he just chose the worst thing in the world to hate.

Something that just comes back year after year.

Something his own kids will probably end up being obsessed with as well, which will force him to buy Pokémon toys for years to come.

Now that's a terrifying thought. 

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