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"In A State Of Grace" Was Gracefully Good


Montreal local literary phenomenon Peter Sotiriou is quite the ambitious type. A play he wrote, directed and is starring in, is currently being presented as part of the 23rd Edition of the St. Abroise Montreal FRINGE Festival.

And let me just say, it's fucking great.

I'll be the first to admit that 60% of the time every time, I pass out at plays. That wasn't the case with "In a State of Grace".

The story revolves around a man losing all memory of his past, not knowing where he is or how he got there. At the same time two opposing forces fuck with him until he (and the audience) make one hell of a realization.

Particularly fantastic are the actors themselves. Andrew Jamieson as Stan and Ian Geldart as Angus brought a level of charisma that most theatrical presentations lack (and one of the main reasons I tend to pass out).

Characters that stood out exceptionally were playwright Peter Sotoriou's performance as the Architect and Melissa Greenwood's as the Doctor; their performances were scary astounding.

Stephen Baxter and Chelsea Morgane played off each other well as the focal characters of the play, John and Mary.

Though the cast does have to deal with the less-than-qualitative stage set, the story is so good that its easy to look past it.

You can catch this play tonight at 5:30 and tomorrow night at 9:15 just above the Rhodos Bay restaurant at 5583 Park Ave.

Run time is about an hour, and trust me it'll fly by! General Ticket price goes for $10 online or at the door.


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