In Canada It's Perfectly Legal To Be A Witch, But It's Illegal To Pretend To Be A Witch

Only real spells and hexes allowed, says Canadian Government

Lots of countries, states or provinces have some of the weirdest laws you've ever heard about, and Canada is no different. 

We've taken a look at some of these comical, odd and just downright absurd laws in the past, and it's definitely made for some entertaining conversations. 

One of the funniest ones focuses on witchcraft in Canada.

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Did you know it is illegal to pretend to do witchcraft or be a witch? - Maybe this isn't much of a surprise...

... But did you know that it is totally, 110% legal to be an actual witch and practice witchcraft?

Well, it is! No, really. Take a look for yourself: 

Via Government of Canada

You, your coven, or any individual witch/wizard reserve the right to set up a ritual circle and conjure up some hexes, spells, sorcery or enchantment. We can't just drink publically without a picnic basket, but this is totally fine. 

However, all pretend-wannabe-witches, beware! You are, in fact, breaking the law according to the government of Canada. Better think again next time you're enjoying that live Quidditch game, kids! Don't be a criminal! 

Side note, watching police chase out a field of people "riding broomsticks" and chasing a snitch is something I'd pay to see. 

This is hysterical to me. As far as Canada is concerned, all those witchy events or Harry Potter LARP's are all breaking the national law! 

Yes, even that Harry Potter Wizarding World that opened up at Canada's "Transfigured Town"  this past winter is, in fact, breaking the law. 

Real witches, don't fret. You are respected and protected by the Canadian government.

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Just remember, fake witches, stay away.